Monday, August 23, 2010

Oh Washington.

Dear Washington,

After 2100 miles of walking I have reached your southern border. My feet are hurting, and my body is tiring. I'm told that you have many climbs and many beautiful vistas to enjoy. As autumn starts to join us in the mountains, you will become colder, and more rain is most certain to join the daily routine. But as it turns out, I'm excited for that. Just no snow. Please. In a moment, we will cross the Columbia, and be with you for three weeks. Take us to Canada!


Monday, August 9, 2010


This is going to be a quick one, I only have the rest of this afternoon to relax and sip on PBRs before we head back to our summer home on the trail.  Jessica and I made it from Ashland to Highway 58 and Eugene in 9 days. It was mostly amazing terrain, with good trail and great views. But... there is these little things called mosquitos that can ruin your life, at least when you live in the woods. And for a about 197 of those 200 miles, you could be moving  at a full sprint, and they would still be swarming and biting and sucking your blood . So instead of hiking 100 more miles to Santiam pass, where we had planed on heading home for a couple days, we have taken our break a little early.

I have learned  that its really important to remember that all discomforts will pass with time. If its not Mosquitos, its heat, or wind, or cold, or snow covered trail, or who knows what else the trail will put in front of us. It is a test of patience. Because walking is slow, and nothing happens quickly. Its been a great lesson and as I look back all the challenges so far, I feel nothing but grateful. So always remember discomforts will come to pass.

Its been so nice to be home, eating burritos and wearing cotton for a few days. Today is our third full Zero day, and I feel really rested, and ready to finish the last 700 miles. We spent the last two days preparing all of the resupplys for the remainder of the trip, which was a chore, but now its done.

Early tomorrow were headed back to Willamette pass by car, then north on foot. Im hoping with my whole heart all the stupid mosquitos are dead, but I'm sure there not. so we will just keep walking, and make the best of it.

All my most recent pictures are posted now . Check them out here or click the link at the top of the page. Sorry for all the pics of me.... Jessica had the camera. There's also a couple more pics from my phone, below this post... hope you like them.

Canada is only a little over four weeks away!

Some pictures to look at