Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mojave to Kenedy Meadows, and into the moutains

I made it to Kennedy Meadows yesterday by 1:30 for a 20 mile day. It was nice to get in early, take a shower and eat and not feel rushed . I worked on my administrative duties for  coming 12 days in the snow without resupply, and got all my gear rearranged.  I will be leaving here today, in the early afternoon, with an enormous load of food in my pack. I will be traveling with Ishmael, Furniture and Rainbow Bright, and we have to go 180 miles or so before we run ot of food.  I'm really excited to be leaving the hot, windy desert, but just a little nervous about keeping a good pace thru the snow.

Sorry this is just a quick one, and no pictures. Can't post from my phone from this lovely mountain town. I'm sending home my memory card today, so in a week there will be many new photos to look at.

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brian said...

Your living a dream, drive on wild man.