Friday, July 16, 2010

Whoa! Mt Shasta

The last couple of weeks have been lots of hiking and very little time in town. It has been very enjoyable, but it hasn't allowed for blogging. So while I have a quick moment here in Mt. Shasta,  I will give you a run down  on what a typical day has been like for me.

I usually wake up around 5:45 or 6, then lay in bed until my eyes open all of the way. I put on my pants, deflate my sleeping pad, and stuff my bag. For breakfast, I usually have a gourmet Cliff Bar with peanut butter and honey on it, and a chocolate instant breakfast mixed with water in my bottle. I like to be packed and walking before seven, but some days it just doesn't happen.

I will walk for two or three hours, then have a short break for a snack attack. Then I will walk 'til 12 or 1 or later, and its lunch time. For lunch, I love burritos! I usualy have a tortilla with cheese and some pre-sliced meat. I usually add mustard and hot sauce to make it delicious. After lunch I walk some more. Dinner time comes around 6 or 7 depending on where the nearest water source is.  Dinner is usually a Lipton side, with a potato bomb (instant mashed potatos dumped on top) or couscous with tuna. I love dinner.

I will walk a while longer, lately til dark or around 9 pm, set up home for the night in a nice patch of  not always flat dirt, and then the whole thing starts again the next day.  Its a simple life, and a little gritty at times, but it works for me.

Its only 200 mile from here to Ashalnd, and I'm hoping to make it there in 9 days. Once I get there, I will be taking a few days off and Jessica will be coming to join me for the rest of the trail. I can't wait. At that point, Ishmael, and Furniture will be continuing at there amazing pace to get to Canada before their Fall commitments. I'm really excited that California is almost behind me, having been here for two and a half months already. Time to feel back at home, on some familiar trail.

More to come from Ashland in a short 9 days. Im hoping that I can label all the Flikr photos and do other good stuff like that.

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Tigre Martin said...

Hey Sam. I'm the guy you met at Burney Falls. I mailed your box, as requested. It was nice to see people out there hikin' the entire PCT... your expressions were noticeably serene compared to us city folk, and your trek serves as a reminder of how important it is to sloooow doooown. Hope the rest of your trip proves safe and enlightening. Ciao from Costa Rica.

- Rod