Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Swamp Stompin

21 days left  at Amazon Acre, Oh my.
It feels like it has been raining for about 13 days non stop. Amazon Acre (The .94 acre field I live on) has gone from a nice grassland to frolic in, to a shin deep swamp land. Tashi wont even play ball with me out there because its so wet. Since I do melt in the rain, my only training in that 13 days has been enjoying fermented barley and hops, and stair repeats at Otter Rock when I have to get from the beach to the car after surfing. I mean it is like 112 stairs!

After neglecting my training for the duration of rain, yesterday (it was still raining) I finally motivated to walk somewhere. I figured the trails would be to muddy and I might get my feet wet, so I walked on the road in my worn out shoes. A little more than two miles to my parents. I got bored waiting for the UPS guy to deliver my replacement shoes, so I walked back home. I was really enjoying myself,  and my legs weren't tired, but the dogs were being pretty irritating, so I asked Jessica to drop me off at the Ridgeline Trail with out the little monsters. I walked from the Blanton trail head to Foxhollow, then down to Martin street. The trees were looking so beautiful and green with all the wetness. As soon as I got out to the road, the rain started pouring again. Great. I pulled on the Gore-tex and started the rest of the way home, when my phone rang, and Jessica said she was on her way to pick me up! sweet!!! I think it made for about a 10 mile day over all.

 My shoes have been killing me, they are really making my arches hurt, and the lining is torn up so I have been getting heel blisters. I have been waiting for my replacements from Inov-8. luckily they showed up later in the afternoon, and my old ones went straight to the rubbish bin. Inov-8 has been greatly helpful with a bit of a sponsorship for my hike. I will be wearing the Roclite 295.  Inov8 is an excellent company out of England, making light, minimal footwear.  I highly recommend checking them out at Big thanks to John for hooking me up with that.

Not really related, but I have been looking through my photo library lately, and heres a few I like.

Sahaile  Falls

My Favorite Pitty
Billy peeing on the north side of the equator from the south side
My lovely old van, I miss it every day
Evan and I bought this raft at a small gas station in the middle of nowhere in Uganda, then rode it without paddles down the White Nile.  I'm not sure why I'm celebrating, we haven't even hit the wave yet.
A moment of happiness, sliding in Crescent City

And its only six days till Yonder Mountain String Band plays in town!!!!  This is usually the music that goes through my head when walking all day. They play a great live show, and this is one of my favorites songs they do.

Here's one more with the guitar player and the bass player( on the mando). The audio isn't perfect, But its one of their coolest songs. amazing musicians.

Thanks for reading.... enjoy


Suzi said...

So I was checking out the ADZ registration for which hikers were from Oregon, and hey! Another Eugene PCT'er! So cool to find you.

I'm Chipmunk, a sectioner/wannabe trail angel, and I live over by Ring of Fire. It's fun to read your training plans and know where all your hikes are taking you. Good luck on your thru-hike...only a few weeks left!

Billy said...

Ooooh I remember that van. I thought it was the single coolest thing in the world. Still kinda do.