Monday, April 5, 2010

sweet 16 days left

The sweetest part about having a birthday right before a PCT thru hike is getting to eat the best chocolate peanut-butter cake ever. Some say you should try to pack on the calories before a long distance hike and build up your fat reserves, so with birthday cake and Easter dinner all in the same week, I had a good go at that. It was great to spend my birthday with my wonderful friends and family enjoying the only sunny day in weeks, and playing pool at the pub. And with Easter two days later, I got to see all of my family at Grandma's, possibly the last time for that before I leave.
 April 1st was Tashi's birthday too. Here she models her new necklace

Jen and I at the neighborhood pub
A shot of Brain with my new camera, taken shortly before I whooped'em at pool.

Jessica got me the shelter I have been wanting for the hike, and every time I set it up, I like it more. This one has mosquito netting, which my tarp doesn't have, which should add huge comfort in the sierras. My parents gave me a new camera for the hike! Its waterproof! It will be great not worry about rain, and it wont break if I drop it on a rock because its shock proof too! so sweet.

 Wild Oasis from Six Moon Designs
 It only weighs 13oz and its quite well designed.

I have been having some technical difficulties, trying to decide which electronics I will carry with me. I for sure want my camera. I would like a phone, and I would like to have email, so I can keep this blog rolling along. I also have to keep every think charged some how. When trying to keep the weight as low as possible, it becomes a big headache. Who knows the best combo...... I guess I will figure it out as I go.

There has been quite a bit of talk about me cutting my hair before I leave. I don't really want to, but I know it will way more practical if I don't have to worry about my flowing golden locks.  It will have to be a quick decision when it happens, and I will post a photo. So Helen stay tuned!

Its only 1.5 days till Yonder plays... better get out my overalls. Here's one more to enjoy

nough ramblingfor now, have a sweet day

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