Thursday, April 8, 2010


Since my foot has been bothering me from my old shoes, I took a couple days off from walking. Then on Tuesday, Matt and I went up highway 58 to do the 12 miles to Eagles Rest hike. No pain at all during the 2000ish foot climb! We sat there for ten minuets having a snack, and watching the clouds blow by, and when my muscles got good and tight we were ready to start down. My foot started hurting again right away, and by compensating for that, I got my knee to ache too. So my plan from now till Campo, is to sit and read Nomad's new book, eat plates of pasta with butter, and finish up my resupply boxes. Maybe just a few short walks in there if my feet are feeling okay. I don't want to blow it now!

Lots of the hikers are talking about weather in southern Cali right now. Lots of snow and ice around. I really hope the early starters are safe and using good judgment. No need to push it through the snow dangerous trail conditions this early in the journey. Here is a trail journal of a hiker that is near mile 200 of his thru hike right now. I highly recommend reading the day of the link and the day before. Great story.
Good luck Freebird

Also worth reading is an interview with one of the PCT speed record holders. Adam Bradley and Scott Williamson set the new record last summer unsupported. This year they will see what they can do on a supported attempt.

If all that isn't enough to bore a person, here is my most recent gear list. I will not carry all of this at one time, just most of it. There are also things that I will have that are not on this basic gear list. Things like ice axe and bearcanister will be only carried for sections that have snow and bears to add to the adventure. The total here is 9lbs 11.8oz
(Click FULL PAGE at the top of the gearlist so you can actually see it)
PCT Gear List                                                            

Good day to everybody!

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