Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mexico to Warner Springs

Passed 100 miles today! Woot! So far things have been going well. I have been feeling like a dust mite trying to navigate a crumpled piece of paper, in lots of wind. This landscape is amazing. It is very rugged and open. I have been above 5000 feet mostly. Then descending to 2500 and back up again. In and out with the contours of the mountain side. It has not been too hot, but the sun has been out in force making a great equation for sun burns and dehydration. As much as I dislike my sun hat, I have been grateful to have it. The first few nights I was very cold, and got very little sleep, but I guess it has warmed up a bit becsuse I have been sleeping much better. There was a bit of moisture today, falling from the sky with the 40 mph wind gusts, making for a very challenging morning.

The afternoon was, I think, my favorite bit of the trail so far. I descended back to the valley floor to a spring, gravity fed to a trough, with full cans of beer and gatorade floating in the cold water. After enjoying my very last bit of food, I started out across a highway, when a man down the road waives Robbie and I over to his RV for more beverages, hotdogs and cookies! Woo!

Then the next eight miles were rolling grass meadows and beautiful rock formations. We saw some wildlife (cows) and we walked along an oak tree lined stream. I'm now in Warner Springs, and my belly is full of burgers, onion rings, and chocolate ccake.

To the post office in the morning for my package of food, then to Idyllwild within 5 days.

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