Monday, May 24, 2010

Mojave and back to mojave

Yesterday the wind was still blowing. Bojangles and I were preparing to hike out, when we descided to find a ride for a slack pack. It turned out there was a section hiker doing the exact 8 miles we wanted to do, and he offered a ride and shuttle. We sat around all morning drinking coffee and doing administrative duties, then around 12:30 we went back to the trail. 8 blustery miles in 2 hours with no pack. I'm going to suggest that people quit building trails next to wind turbines, because it's always windy in those areas.

We got a ride back to the motel 6 and I was mentally drained. I spent the evening waching bad motel TV and went to bed early as the gales kept bending the trees to the ground. This morning, i didn't feel good, and nothing had changed with wind situation, and now there was snow in the hills and it was very cold.

I have been very concerned about the rain forecasted with the wind. My shelter is not built for some of these conditions, and I have been cold sleeping at night as it is. So I got in touch with furniture, ishmale and rainbow bright, who went to work on a nearby farm yesterday. It worked out for me to join them for a few days off. At 3 today I got a bus to Rosmand, 18 miles souh of Mojave. Check it out here:

10 day old goats!

Now Im here with my friends, on a property very similar to my amazon acre home In Eugene. I think a few dAys of non hiking will get me excited to go back to home on the trail and let some snow melt in the sierras. Right now The majority of the pack is behind us, so lots of people will catch up and I'm excited to meet a bunch of new hikers when we return.

I will post more farm animal pics as the days go on.

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