Friday, May 14, 2010

Wrightwood to Islip pass.

As it happened I only had to go 17 miles to meet flop. Because of all the trail closures, due to last years fires, the best spot to meet Flop was only 17 miles from Wrightwood. After half price biscuits and gravy, and chorizo and eggs breakfast yesterday, Susan and Ray gave all 8 of us a ride back to the trail. Packs in the back of the truck, People stuffed into the Trooper. A great 17 mile walk put us at Islip Saddle on Hwy 2, where I was joined by Bojangles, Furniture, and Mike for a day off. We played hacky sack till Flop rolled up within 20 minutes.

There is no roller coaster scary enough to compare to driving on a windy highway at high speeds after walking at max of 3 mph for a few weeks. He had us home to Arcadia in an hour and a half, and we all got in the hot tub right away. Today we all slept in till 6 am then planned our day. The itinarary today included grocery shopping, thrift store, post office, In-n-Out burger, and REI. Oh, and more hot tub.

New hiking style: matching tear-away pants from Goodwill, as modeled by Furniture and Mike.

We finished all the errands by 2, and made it back to the hot tub and have been relaxing ever since. Flop is cooking on the grill tonight, and it is smelling so good! Can't wait to see what he's creating. I did see some corn go by! Woot!

Im looking forward to getting back to the trail in the morning, and only about 3 days to Agua Dulce. We have about 50 miles of road walking on the way, but it shouldn't be too bad.

Flop has been the best host, and it has been great spending time with him again. Thanks so much for your kindness Flop, it's been memorable, and the best zero by far!

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